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May 20, 2011


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These are adorable! My brother is getting married next year, and he was just talking about wanting a Little Big Planet cake topper! Are you open for commissions? How could he get in touch with you?


Wow your cake toppers are absolutely amazing, how much would a cake like this cost to buy?


My fiance and I are getting married in April of 2012 and have been looking everywhere for these cute cake toppers. We love Little Big Planet and would love to make that our cake topper. Are yours available for purchase? Is there somewhere we can see prices?



I would love to get one of these for my wedding could you plesae let me know if you sell them

ashley Wilkins

i want one how much or where can i find them???


I'm getting married this October and these are exactly what I am looking for as a wedding cake topper. What are your prices? And how can I get one?

Adrian Vera

HI, I'm from La Paz Bolivia and my future wife and I absolutely love your Little Big Planet Cake Toppers, how can we make an order?


I am getting married in July of 2013 and am absolutely in love with these LittleBigPlanet cake toppers! My fiance introduced me to the game and we love playing it together so it would be just perfect for our wedding. Do you sell these? If so, how much would it be to purchase one? How would I go about ordering one?

Thank you and your work is great!

dina kring

I am getting married in April of 2013 and would love to have a lbp cake topper.....if you sell these could you let me know how much or if not can you let me know where to find the outfits?

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