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May 20, 2011


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Hello, My name is Tiffany and I love your mario and peach toppers!My fiancee and I are getting married this septemeber and are looking to get a topper just like these!
We are from Chatham, Ontario and was wondering how much your mario and peach wedding toppers are?

Linda Betcher

My son and his finance are getting married June 2012, and love your Mario and peach toppers. Was wondering what the prices are for the Toppers?

Thanks, Linda


hey! my name is Camilla and I'm getting married this year and my fiancé and I loved playing Nintendo games and we still play them from time to time and I thought this would be just perfect for our cake!! how can I order and how much do they cost roughly? hope to hear from you soon!

Paul Pape


Thank you for contacting me. I have openings starting May through the rest of the year, but the sooner you place an order the better your positioning in the year and more likely you will get the date you want. The cost of the toppers is $300 plus shipping.

The toppers are completely customizable; from the pose, to the dress and suit, to the look of the base. Pretty much anything is up for grabs, since I make the whole thing from scratch. And each of my sculptures come with a lifetime warranty. If anything would happen to the piece, for whatever reason, simply ship it back to me and I will repair or replace the piece for free and even cover the cost of shipping it back to you.

Let me know when you would ideally like to have the topper in hand, and I'll let you know what dates I have available to get it shipped to you. If you have any other questions, feel free to contact me.

Thank you again,


hey! thanks for contacting me back how do I go about ordering? and how much time do u need from order day to completion just so that I have an idea when I can order it. thanks so much

Paul Pape


It takes a few weeks to build, but I book up pretty fast. Email me directly at paulpape@gmail.com and I can get you set up. Thanks!


My Fiancee and myself were looking at your Mario n Peach cake topper and instenstly fell in love.. We were wondering if you could make a change to Marios clothes instead of the black suit could it be A white shirt with Khaki pants because thats what the men our wearing during the wedding and instead of the "M" on his hat is it at all possible to change it to "NY" for New York Yankees. There isn't a day that goes by tha he doesnt wear a yankees hat. You know little changes nothing major.

laura ewers

Hello I really love your Luigi and Peach topper. We are getting married next year 2014. I was wondering if you still make these and how much you are asking for them. please email me and let me know thanks so much

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