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January 09, 2010


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hello! i have been looking everwhere for a mario and peach cake topper to suprise my fiance with!! He is a total gamer and would absolutely love it! I was wondering if you still make that cake topper and how much it would be to have one made!! Thank you so much! i look forward to hearing from you soon!!

tracy kade

Hi im tracy im engaged and i seen ur mario and princess peach cake topper i think it is cute and was wondering if you could change a pose as well and customise there clothes if so my myspace is makeupluver13 let me know i havent set a date for our wedding but if they could be customise i might by one for on a cake and one for a personalised aniversery one


The mario bride and groom cake topper is awesome.

katelyn moody

hello my Name is Kate. My fiance and I are having a mario and peach wedding cake made. I never thought others thought of this idea until I started looking! I was going to have the mario and peach made edible but I decided I wanted to be able to keep it as a memory and I finally came across you! I love your topper. I was just wondering how much it is and if you could change her hair color? Thanks!


I was wondering if you could do a Luigi Daisy cake topper similar to the one above, and how much would it be. Thanks

Angela Mitchell

I would also like to ask about the mario and princess peach cake topper. Can you please send me information on it via email? Thank you.

Wedding Photography Melbourne

Love those wedding cake toppers. So cute.

Kaitlin Gilbert

I am also interested in the Mario and Peach wedding cake topper. If u could would you please send me some information about it. I thinks it's awesome. Thanks

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